My Paintings

There are four paintings in the gallery currently:

1. Blue Painting

Blue Painting

2. Village Made Of Paint

Village made of paint

3. Can’t Get Free

Can't Get Free

 4. Away From The Sun

Away from the Sun 

This painting is an attempt at conveying the idea that the search has begun in earnest. The thrust of the painting is not what stands out at first look. To elaborate, the man sitting under the tree is already aware that he will have to go beyond the bright, obvious objects, for example, the Sun – big, blazingly colorful and attractive – in order to satisfy his quest. That’s why his eyes are set on the road, the road that winds behind the mysterious, cool and brooding mountains, furthest away from him, the viewers, and also “Away From The Sun.”

The vigorous brush work in the sun, sky and the fields is intended to set the mood-a sense of turmoil/soul-searching. The hills are cool and contrasting – he has to conquer both and find the balance between “cool” & “hot.” The use of bright, pure colors and high tonality is intended to accentuate the same effect….to give a feeling to the viewer that the man sitting under the tree is “intensely focused” on his quest and all the energy on the canvas is, in fact a reflection of his inner state – both cool & bright — balanced.


10 Responses

  1. Awesome

  2. Absolutely and happily energizing on the screen.
    Would love to see them in person – where?

  3. Your work is beautiful.

  4. “Can’t Get Free”
    oh. is that a scarf stuck on a branch? looks like there’s hope
    that the bottom will let-loose and free it….to where?
    sorry for not recognizing this at first.
    “Two roads diverged, and I took the one less-traveled”

  5. Cheerful.
    Very similar to Van Gogh 🙂

  6. I would say, incredibly beautiful work.

  7. They are most beautiful paintings. Do you use oil or acrylics?

  8. Really fantastic work.

  9. Love your paintings – they’re robust in colour.

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