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Warm Greetings,

I start the New Year serendipitously, without prior planning, here in blogosphere working on creating my own blog. In many ways this was a long time coming and the when it happens, by definition, that is when the timing is right. I plan to blog on almost any geo-political or social subject of importance. 

The existential challenge of the 21st century I believe is to find a sustainable common ground across civilizations and all peoples. This is a fight, but not a fight of civilizations as many scholars put it. It is a fight within ourselves, a fight between the dark and the light within us and that is exactly why it is the hardest fight there ever was. I will cast this fight to be a fight for the numero uno spot of values —  will common human values be the supreme values that most adhere to or any of the other values that are important to us(religious, ethnic, patriotic, etc.)?  Don’t get me wrong — I very well know the importance of those values and the positive role they play in our lives, however, enlightenment will be when most will respect shared human values, moral and ethics above other values. For today, ironically enough, human values are not what most humans adhere to in their interactions with others. They save that treatment for a select few, a select few that fit in to a class –> sub-class –> sub-sub-class (you get the point) that they themselves belong to.

You may ask, “So why should a shared set of human values be the most supreme?”

 As I alluded to earlier, it is a simple matter of survival! We have the means to destroy humanity and nature now. I do not believe we will create a scenario like  I Am a Legend  but why go towards  a scenario (World War III or Dirty Bomb for e.g.) that will  result in the killings of millions upon millions and live in fear waiting for the day for it to repeat again? All the other values guide us towards that end periodically and in fact we justify the actions under the auspices of those values.

It is a massive fight. Odds are stacked against what I fervently believe in.  I am not naive to think we can wish away all our problems and understand that human nature will force trouble upon us everyday but the goal I propose is a goal to set an upper limit on our destructive tendencies. As you will see in the following posts, I will lean towards the pragmatic many times rather than the ideal as the pragmatic step might be the only possibility at a given time but will lead/tend towards a better comity of nations than today.

The only weapon we can use in this fight are the weapon of reasoning and rationality. So hence here I am with the goal of adding my voice to the chorus of millions (billions hopefully) who will, at some future date,  force a regime change at the highest echelon — a regime change in our minds!

Wishing you all the very best in 2009.



3 Responses

  1. I’m enjoying your blog, look forward to your posts – I’ve installed a feed for them in Firefox.
    PS – it would be nice if you would reveal a little more about yourself in the “About” page.

  2. I loved your response to Nicholas Kristof’s New York Times Op-Ed column “Humanity Even for Non Humans.” It was great to see a larger world perspective being brought to the issue of how we treat animals (in this case, farm animals) as a way to show how truly far BEHIND we (the U.S) are as a nation on this issue–a point that needs to be mentioned more often in response to those who label animal rights activists’ viewpoints as “fanatical.”

    Thank you. I hope you will continue to respond to issues affecting animals–factory/industrial farming in particular. We need your voice.

  3. Hi Tinkerer,

    I like your use of “sustainable”. It provides the solution to a lot of problems we face. Sustainable… growth, capitalism, economy, development, cities, human and animal populations, habitat, CO2 emissions, and so on.

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