Minarets and Temple Domes and Church Spires

Food for thought

There is an article on the BBC website titled, “Vatican and Muslims condemn Swiss minaret ban vote.” With the sub-heading, “Religious leaders across the world have criticised Switzerland’s referendum vote to ban the building of minarets.”

Which makes me wonder why the religious leaders around the world don’t have a standing condemnation of numerous Islamic countries A) for being Islamic countries and not secular nations and treating, by law, followers of other religions with supreme inequity and B) not allowing the building of temples and churches in their own nation?

Is this integration only one way?

And if so, is the ulterior motive behind such expansion to increase Islamic presence everywhere and diminish other religion’s presence in Islamic countries?


2 Responses

  1. I wouldn’t put such a sinister connotation to it, but yes, this integration is only one way. Western Religion (Christianity) is not as etched in stone as Islam is, so over time we’ve grown in tolerance and become more accomodating, while Islam hasn’t really changed, except for the fact that they’ve grown even more fundamentalist as of late. All rules for the treatment of others is laid out in the Koran, and is followed by practitioners of the faith.

  2. The civilized (tolerant) society of countries is caught in its creation of secularism. By disapproving policies of these Islamic states they stand to look less secular and tolerant in their own world. Compounding this are expectations of” looking the other way” that come with relationships (symbiotic ?) that these secular countries have with Islamic states.

    The one-way integration (and voices in support of it) will continue for foreseeable future and here’s why.

    I think separation of Religion and State in these places can only come from a change in mindset of those at grassroots level ie. citizens of these Islamic states. I say this because:
    1. Entrenched kingdoms or Rulers have little to gain from change in status-quo
    2. Next tiers of leadership (at least those that make news) are busy managing assets or administering the state for tiers above them

    However, at the other end, citizenry is completely indoctrinated in the single view of Religion and State. I would guess voicing fairness to other religions would be like speaking against the State. And it is no secret how ruthlessly laws are enforced in these less-than democratic places. Recently there are signs of some finding the courage to speak out against establishment.

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