Iran – Reform Resuscitated?

In an article titled, “Iran Cleric Defy Election Ruling” the BBC reports, “In a statement to the press, the Assembly of Qom Seminary Scholars and Researchers said some members of the Guardian Council had “lost their impartial image in the eyes of the public.”

How can one accept the legitimacy of the election just because the Guardian Council says so? Can one say that the government born out of the infringements is a legitimate one,” it said.”

It goes on to say, “On Saturday, Mr Rafsanjani – an influential figure in Iranian politics and a prominent backer of Mr Mousavi during the election – met with the families of some of those who have been detained.

It was the first time he had spoken publicly since the election. He told the families that nobody with a “vigilant conscience” could be satisfied with the current situation.

“I hope with good management and wisdom the issues would be settled in the next days and the situation could improve … We should think about protecting the system’s long-term interests,” Mr Rafsanjani said.

A BBC correspondent said that Mr Rafsanjani appeared to be hinting that a process was going on behind the scenes, which might resolve the current crisis.”

While it remains incredibly hard to imagine the authoritarian regime buckling under pressure but it is truly unparalleled times in the life of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Never have there been open rifts within the clergy and never has the authority of the Supreme Leader been questioned by the clerics themselves as now.

May be a power-sharing arrangement is still possible? Or at least some reforms announced by the current regime itself to lighten up on social restrictions? May be the death of the 20 people (reported) will not be in vain?

What are your thoughts?


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