Obama’s turn-arounds

A sizable section in the left wing of the democratic party is all up in arms about a few recent Obama decisions that appear to be turn-arounds from campaign promises. I am in favor of the decisions.

Decision 1: Stop the release of detainee abuse photographs

Torture is a terrible thing. It was institutionalized by the Bush administration and untold number of innocent people got tortured. A rather sad and dark chapter in the recent history of the USA. However, all the people who are asking for the release of the photographs sit safely ensconced in the confines of our border and are out of harms way. They have no idea what their demands will result in for the brave Americans positioned in foreign countries.  It is purely for practical and pragmatic reasons I agree with President Obama — release of such photographs inflames anti-American emotions, is played to full advantage by Al Qaeda and its ilk, and will surely result in violence against Americans and justification for torture of captured Americans who had nothing to do with torture in the first place.

The best way to prevent such abuse from happening is to clearly define what torture is and starting from the highest office down state in unequivocal terms that such practices are banned. It is surely not to make the left wing feel happy but lose Americans lives in the bargain.

Decision 2: Has denied calls for investigating the last administration on torture

The noise to investigate past deeds has grown more shrill and people are not listening anymore to the thunderous warning of the impending category five hurricane.

We need to muster all our collective energy and focus them on the Economic, Jobs Market, Health Care, Climate Change and Geo-Political disasters at our hands.

I would love to learn how all the Bushies violated the law but these are truly unique times. I want to know about the past but not if I do not have a future.


4 Responses

  1. I back Mr. Obama’s in his desisions. Its great to see our president not constrained by dogma nor agenda. Pragmatic might be the word. I think that as much I feel we have an honest man in the White House (finally), that we have to give the him the leeway to do what he thinks is right.

    • Hi Martin,
      We think alike on this topic. I want him to “think” and act rather than worry about old positions held. I, in return, will “think” and agree or disagree with his actions.

  2. Point 1: The photos are redundant for examining policy and yet are powerful archetypal images.

    Point 2: This is the pragmatic argument. I believe all effective leaders look forward. Yesterday’s justice is less crucial than tomorrow’s policies. Priorities are extremely important. Triage. If someone’s already dead, you don’t spend time with them when others need help. The issues are pressing and grave.

    Point 3: There is political advantage in not prosecuting these crimes. If we prosecute them, there will be a collective satisfaction and let down. Instead of satisfaction we need tension and action to solve the problems created by the past admin. Prosecution may waste political capital, whatever that really is. Looking ahead may harness the anger to institute positive change. It’s the mature thing to do.

  3. The issue really here is to understand why is it so important and urgent ? If I buy the argument that it will bridge the gap between US and rest of the world, then this would really be begining. The next steps would be for US to withdraw all its troops from rest of world where it is at war.If this is not in near sight then the whole issue to begin with is nothing but futile attempt to narrow the divide.

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