A Celebration for the People of America

As the media reports pour in on the throngs of people at the Mall  and the great speech delivered by Mr. Obama at his Inauguration, without taking anything away from Mr. Obama — he is a brilliant and astute political leader —  I cannot help but think of Mr. Obama’s inauguration as a victory for the people of America more than for Mr. Obama.

After having elected Mr. Bush twice, the world was beginning to think of America as a religiously, socially and racially conservative, self-centered and arrogant country. A country that when provoked by the evils of terrorism, itself reacted with mindless violence resulting in the killings of countless innocents. A country that had forgotten how to think its way through trouble and only found force as an option. 

A country where consumers indulged in credit-card based debauchery and businesses were so greedy that they outsourced their fellow citizens jobs and systematically dismantled the system with only their pockets in mind. A country where the Judiciary was a rubber stamp for the Executive wing rather than a check on its powers and a Legislative wing that was only interested in pork barrel projects and conniving with lobbyists and businesses on how to stuff their war chests to get re-elected.

Being outside the box presents the opportunity to think outside the box hence many living outside USA must have thought they are witnessing the beginning of the unraveling of a great civilization. And who can blame them?

Little did they realize the resiliency of the democratic system in place or what a quick learner the American people are!  For Americans did not see in Obama a black man but a man of intelligence, a man of careful thought and deliberation, an inclusive, fact based executive who was the stark opposite of the last President. They realized that they had made a mistake in the last two elections and rather than wringing their hands went about fixing the situation by voting for Mr. Obama. With one, decisive act they corrected the course of the nation.

There were non-black Americans who saw all of the above in Mr. Obama but also saw the color of his skin and hesitated to vote for him. Eventually, though, a large majority of them looked deeper in to Mr. Obama and themselves rather than the superficial and chose the welfare of the country over bigotry. They showed how far they themselves have come from the 1960s and with one decisive act showed to all their black country mates that they are equal and not less.

It is this renewal of path to civil rights, a re-invigoration of  purpose for a nation, a reorientation of its people and policy that we hope to inaugurate on the 20th of January, 2009.


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  1. Mr. Obama could’ve used parts of this article in his speech! 😉

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